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HippieBoyDiscover the unforgettable New York Times bestselling memoir about growing up in a dysfunctional Mormon family–and finding escape, adventure, and hard-earned wisdom on the road…


“Ricks’ absorbing true story of an adolescence spent traveling the country with her hard-luck salesman father should be a movie—but it’s also utterly compelling on the page.”  –Reader’s Digest

 “The author’s clear-eyed prose keeps the pages turning…well-written and heartbreaking.”Publishers Weekly

 “In clear, graceful prose and in a voice that is refreshingly authentic, Ricks tells an uplifting story of heartbreak, hope and self-salvation.”Kirkus Reviews

 “Soft-spoken yet resounding…Ricks’ voice is true.”  – Booklist

 “Fans of Haven Kimmel and Mary Karr should welcome Ricks warmly as a new, distinct voice in memoirs.”BookPage

 “Ricks’ writing is easy and engaging, and her details are sharp.”Bust Magazine

“As a young girl, Ricks was always looking for someone to save her from her hard life. Now as a writer, she’s helping youths use the power of storytelling to save themselves.” The Salt Lake Tribune

 “This story reads almost as a novel even though it is an autobiographical account. Ricks’ strength to overcome despite desperate odds will likely inspire readers with a desire to do the same.”  Deseret News

 “Instead of sensationalizing her Mormon-raised youth in Utah, Ricks tells her story plainly, in the very matter-of-fact way a child sees the world.”  – Seattle Weekly

FOCUS – Buy Now:  AMAZON, BN.Com or order through any bookstore

 Overview: Imagine walking into an eye doctor’s office for the first time in your life expecting to walk out with a cute pair of red cat-eye frames–only to learn you suffer from an incurable eye disease and are already legally blind.

In her powerful memoir, Focus, Ingrid Ricks delves into the shock of discovering at age thirty-seven that she was in the advanced stages of Retinitis Pigmentosa, a devastating degenerative eye disease that doctors said would eventually steal her remaining eyesight. Gripped with the terrifying fear that she wouldn’t be able to see her two young daughters grow up, would become a burden to her husband, and would lose the career and independence that defines her, Ingrid embarks on a quest to fix her eyes that ends up fixing her life.

Through an eight-year journey marked by a trip to South Africa to write about AIDS orphans, a four-day visit with a doctor who focuses on whole-body health, a relationship-changing confrontation with her husband and a life-changing lesson from her daughters, Ingrid learns to embrace the moment and see what counts in life–something no amount of vision loss can take from her.

“A strong addition to any contemporary memoir collection.” – Susan Bethany, Midwest Book Review

“Some stories are too important to ignore. This is one of them”– Cally Phillips, IndieeBookReview

“A Moving and Uplifting Memoir”– Indie Reader

“An honest and inspiring reminder to live your dreams everyday, and cherish your family every precious moment you breathe. Inspired me, and helped me remember to focus on what’s important.” – Libby Hyland, reader

“FOCUS could have been a bleak account of one woman’s descent into darkness. Instead, it radiates light and hope”. – Alysa Salzberg, Editor – Beguile


A Little Book of Mormon (and Not So Mormon) Stories  Buy Now:  AMAZON. BN.COM

oct 14 little book of Mormon coverOverview: A collection of moving short stories about finding your own personal and spiritual beliefs amid a strict religious upbringing, and learning to embrace and accept people for who they are.

“A sincere delight for Mormons, non-Mormons, and anyone who has ever had parents.” CozyLittleBookJournal

“Everyone, Mormon or not, should read it. The book has a lot of warmth and truth, and we could all learn a little from her hard won wisdom”– Christina K. Ahn, Book Reviewer